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Immortal Esports arranged a meal program for 110 people

On October 24, Immortal Esports, one of the organizations of Free Fire in Bangladesh, organized this charity program for the needy people of the flood-affected areas of Sunamganj. They were able to deliver one meal to 110 needy people and ended the charity work successfully.

About Immortal Esports

Immortal Esports is a guild community of Freefire Bangladesh. They are working for esports and providing esports facilities to the squads. They arrange giveaway tournaments too.

The Execution of Plan

Mahfuz Billah, co-founder of Immortal Esports, told The Esports Times that there is a bad idea about esports among the older generation of Bangladesh or our family members. There is no positive thing in gaming. Yes, gaming has its downsides, but every good thing has its downsides! What is the level of eSports in foreign countries and what is the level in Bangladesh? because the thoughts of the people of our country have become negative. Recently, I saw a lot of news that gaming (specifically FreeFire and PubG) is causing underage boys to go wild. So, one day, they decide they want to do something other than play video games! They got inspiration from Firoj Hasan, known as Free Motion. Then a video was posted from the guild’s page. Then their guild’s head of management shared with Sojib, Shohag, and the Sayem brothers! Their guild was then running a 10,000 BDT giveaway tournament sponsored by Shahfi. According to Shohag’s idea, everyone agrees to contribute 20% to the fund. Then Chilo, running another tournament in the guild, asked the champion and runner-up teams not to take prizes but to give them to charity. They also collected funding from their guild members, and the management members also helped a lot. After the funding collection, the management finalized the matter by talking to the heads.

He also said, “Then I gave the location as Sunamganj because Sunamganj in Sylhet has suffered a lot of flood damage recently and many families have been economically destroyed! I doubt if they have eaten anything good since the flood. ” So we selected Sunamganj, and since mine and another leader’s house are also in Sunamganj, it is a bit easier for us. We started working with our other three members. We started working We originally planned for 70 people, but after some of our management members gave us some more funds, we budgeted for 85 people. By the grace of Allah, after cooking, we saw that food for 110 people was ready. The items were chicken biryani, salad, and water. I was able to send 70 people to Radhanagar village in Sunamganj and about 40 people to the market in Sunamganj town. After a lot of rain that day, we all finished with happy and smiling faces.
We had two motives.
Highlighting the good side of esports and our project “Ek Belar Hasi”, we hope to make 100-200 people smile every month, Inshallah. We want every guild/clan/organisation in Free Fire and Pubg to take this initiative at least once a month. Then we can puff our chests and tell our family or our society that e-sports is not a crime; there is good work in it. I would like to thank all the management members and my family members. ”

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