You are currently viewing Bangladeshi player Sparko’s team Monkey Hunters won the South Asia Nationals

Bangladeshi player Sparko’s team Monkey Hunters won the South Asia Nationals

Monkey Hunters are the Champions of South Asia Nationals

This year’s South Asia Nationals ended with the finals on November 8. Bangladeshi team MercenarieZ and Indian team Monkey Hunters faced each other in the final. Monkey Hunters beat MercenarieZ 3-1 in a BO5 Grand Final and crowned themselves champions. Also they take home 5000$ as the bulk of the prize pool.

Although the winning team is an Indian team, they have a Bangladeshi player in their lineup who is none other than Tasabbir “SPARKO” Hashem Easraq.

Sparko’s Experience


Sharing his experience about the event, Sparko told The Esports Times, “2021 was a pretty rough session for us; we couldn’t achieve the best from our side, and we didn’t know what was holding for us in 2022. The Esports Club announced South Asia National in a league format that was divided into 3 stages: Spring, Summer and Fall then SA Nationals which was the biggest event for South Asia. We became champions in the TEC R6 Pro Series Spring and Summer Series and ended up runners-up in the Fall Series. Meanwhile, we qualified for ROG MASTERS APAC LAN Final from South Asia by winning against the top teams of SA ( Only 1 team can go For Lan from SA) & made it to Thailand, APAC LAN Final. When we played against the international teams, we understood the gaps between us and them and our region. After the ROG Masters APAC Lan Final, I feel like, as a team, we were more hyped up & more energetic, we were more confident in our game plan , gunfight & in our strength& starting from Group stage SA National we didn’t lose a single game and ended up with the top points. Playoffs (Top 4) started, and we smoothly managed to reach the Grand Final by beating MrcZ and Shaheens in the upper bracket and faced MrcZ in Grand Final in a BO5. We know the Grand Final game will be going hard as it is the last tournament of the year and also holds good prize money along with a trophy. We know MrcZ will play with their full strength & first map we lost to them in 6-8 Score map Club House. Before going to the Second map, we discuss our game plan, strategy and it was a close game by winning 8-7 on map Villa. Then we map Chalet we took them smoothly in a score of 7-2 & we could see MrcZ lost their momentum Map 4 Bank we know we can take them out as it was also our map, but it went rough, we were rushing for the win, and we threw a couple of rounds and ended up with the maximum overtime round, we take the map win with a score of 8-7, which makes us the winner of the South Asia National Grand Final in total score of 3-1. My teammates were really happy, and we were celebrating our win. A Lot of Emotion is attached to the win as we worked really hard, managing family, personal life Practice. It was a great year for us, as we won most of the tournaments in South Asia. Also, we are LFO (Looking For Organization) feel free to reach us.”

In-order to qualify for the South Asia Nationals (SAN) Teams needed to collect SAN qualifier points by competing in a New set of 3 events called the TEC Pro-Series throughout the year. The Top 8 Teams with the most SAN qualifier points competed in the 2022 South Asia Nationals.
The South Asian Nationals were held from October 14 to October 31, with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs. The playoffs for the event ran from November 2 to November 6. And from there, MercenarieZ and Monkey Hunters entered the finals.

South Asia Nationals (SAN), is The Highest Tier of competition for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege players in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Nepal. The SAN featured a Prize pool of USD 11,000 split amongst the Top teams, the event took place in two phases – A single round-robin league stage with Best of 3 matches, followed by a Double Elimination play-off featuring the Top 4 Teams after the group stage.
Grand Finals held among the Top 2 Teams from Play-Offs.

South Asia Nationals Finals Standings

1 Monkey Hunters LFO
2 MercenarieZ
3 Shaheens
4 KIRA Esports
5 Wont Stop Peeking Esports
6 Team UWU
7 Team Phalanx
8 Millitant Esports

In addition to these events, Ubisoft and The Esports Club will continue to engage with the South Asian Rainbow Six Siege community through additional local tournaments and activities to take place throughout the year. These include a set of 5 community tournaments spread throughout the year to provide an entry level competitive experience for players with a prize pool of in-game credits for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

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