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Credit: Final Destination

A1 Esports wins the Pubg Mobile Mujib Cup 2022

Bangladesh’s one of the largest unofficial esports tournaments, Pubg Mobile Mujib Cup 2022 held the Grand Finale on Sunday 16th October. The tournament was organized by Final Destination Esports which Is one of the biggest Esports Organisations in Bangladesh.

The grand final started from 17th October and ended on 22nd October.
The registration started on 25 June 8 pm. In the tournament organized by Final Destination Esports, 512 teams and more than 2000 players of the country got the opportunity to participate through free registration and the final of the tournament was held for 6 days with 512 to 16 teams.

After a spectacular performance on the final day, A1 Esports became the champions of the PMMC – Pubg Mobile Mujib Cup 2022 . The team scored 356 and 179 elimination points in total 30 matches.

Their superstar player, Sinister , emerged as the MVP of the competition with 70 kills and 14,298 damage. Sinister is also the survivor with 20:42 average survival time.



The final 16 teams competed for a piece of one of the largest prize pools for any unofficial esports tournament in Bangladesh valued at 2,500 USD / 2,00,000 BDT with A1 Esports claiming the lion’s share. They took home 75,000 BDT. Doom Esports and Gremlin Storm finished second and third respectively.
Final standings
Final standings

A1 Esports won the title with a total of 356 points, including 4 Chicken dinners and 179 elimination points in the finals, which ended on October 22. They were followed by Doom Esports with 5 Chicken dinners and 173 elimination points in second place with a total of 334 points and Gremlin Storm in third place with a total of 277 points to complete the finals. Team S1 Official finished the tournament in 11th position with a total of 141 points and DAD Esports finished the tournament in 12th position from the bottom of the point table with a total of 118 points.

PUBG Mobile ban in Bangladesh for which no official tournament comes directly for Bangladesh. there is such a big prize money organized by FD and presentation of everything in a very professional manner, giving opportunity to thousands of underdog players to prove themselves is really worthy of praise as it is known this is their first season of PMMC.

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