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OG Esports plans to start its journey in SEA

OG’s CEO details expansion plans for Southeast Asia

Esports in Southeast Asia are moving at a fast pace. Over the past few years, the remarkable performance of players from this region in various esports events has caught everyone’s attention. Based on this, various international organizations are thinking of investing in this region. Especially in the past, some companies have expressed their interest in eSports through various events.

Very soon, we may see an OG Esports squad based in Southeast Asia, though what game they will be competing in is yet unknown.

In an interview recently given to Yahoo Esports SEA, OG’s CEO JMR Luna said that European esports organizations look towards the east for new business opportunities. However, he did not say anything clearly about which country OG Esports will start their journey with. “I can’t tell you exactly our plan. But what I can do, what I can tell you is that Dota is still our priority. We want to captivate and tantalize the Dota audience that we have in this region. And once we do that, I think entering into other titles could be something that we looked at, but it’s not going to be our entrance,” said Luna in an interview with Yahoo Esports SEA.

JMR Luna (image credit: Red Bull)

He also said that first of all, he will hire business development people. Then he will do a different level of strategy for each country after getting enough data by analyzing the local market. Then he will decide through which country to start the journey.

OG Esports is an European esports organisation founded in 2015 by Johan ‘n0tail’ Sundstein. OG Esports is already among the most popular esports brands in the world. Initially known for its Dota 2 roster, which reached the highest and unmatched achievements possible in the scene, OG is now home to brilliant minds following the same path towards excellence in multiple esports divisions.

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