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Keyd wins LBFF 8 and is the first two-time national champion

Liga Brasileira de Free Fire 2022: Series A – Stage 2 is the 8th season of the main Brazilian event that brings together the 18 best teams in the country. Vivo Keyd, the champions of the fifth season, dominates the LBFF 8 final and wins its first national championship.

After a consistent performance and without scares throughout the qualifying phase, Vivo Keyd justified the favoritism and won its second national title – and in an undeniable way. The Guerreiros had already won the fifth season of the competition and represented Brazil in the last World Cup, held in Sentosa, and will represent again in November, this time in Bangkok, Thailand.

The dominance was absolute and the number of kills of the team is impressive: of the 138 points, 68 came from eliminations. Plus, the nothing short of spectacular Booyah in Bermuda made Vivo Keyd’s title even more uncontested.

The runner-up goes to Magic Squad, which added up to 91 points and also stamped their passport to the world championship. They are qualified for World Series Bangkok: Play-ins.

LAN Venue

The finals took place on October 15 at the LBFF Studios in Sao Paulo, Brazil. From August 6 to October 3, 18 teams competed in the group stage and from there 12 teams qualified for the finals. In the final, Purgatory, Kalahari, Bermuda, Alpine, these four maps have 2 matches each and a total of 8 matches. Vivo Keyd with crowned the title of the champion with a Booyah and a total of 138 points and took home 19,858 USD.

At the same time, Vivo Keyd’s player NANDO9 was selected as the Most Valuable Player with 24 kills in the final.

The 12 teams participating in the final are:
1. Vivo Keyed
2. Magic Squad
3. TSM
4. Angels
5. Fluxo
6. Los Grandes
7. Team Liquid
8. Loud
9. God E-Sports
10. Stars Horizon
11. B4 Esports
12. Meta Gaming

Final standings
Final standings

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