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Introducing Dota 2 South Asia Association

After years of struggle as individual groups, the South Asian Dota 2 communities have joined forces to form the Dota 2 South Asia Association.

The association is comprised of prominent figures, who have contributed in the development of esports in their respective local scenes and the South Asia region.


The purpose of this association is to merge the communities, work together as a region, and rise together as a region.
In the pro scene, every player’s identity comes from the region he represents rather than the country he plays for. Arteezy is recognized as a top NA player, not a top Canadian player. Only in our region, we stay divided.
Councillor of BYDESA, Zaowad “ZAO” Sarker said on this, “We’ve seen how the South American region proved themselves to be a very strong region even though previously they were in the shadows of the North American region.
South Asia as a region has huge potential to be the best region in the world. We are the most populated region, we can build an audience bigger than any other. Merging our communities will provide huge exposure for the players, talents, and content creators.
Together, we will be working towards building a scene that produces the best esports talents, one step at a time.
Looking forward to the community’s co-operation and support.”

People in Charge of The Association

People in Charge of Association

Zaowad “Zao” Sarker – Councillor of BYDESA
Abdul “Khaushi” Moiz – Regional Head of Nodwin Gaming Pakistan
Jasper “Jazz” Shabin – League Operations Head of Sky Esports India
Saujanya “Sup3m0ob” Shreshtha – Co-founder of WASD Arena Nepal


Currently Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and India are associated with this association but in future Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives and Afghanistan will join. Any representative of these countries can join the association by contacting the South Asia Association.

Zaowad said to The Esports Times on this, “I formed the association with some of the prominent figures of south asia dota 2.
The purpose is to merge the communities and start working together as a region like every other region.
We just founded the association. We have a lot of plans a head so we will be progressing step by step. Hoping to build a healthy esports scene.”

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