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LoL Bangladesh Community Cup 2022 starting on October 22

League of Legends Bangladesh Official is hosting the League of Legends Bangladesh Community Cup 2022 starting on the 22nd of October!
The Bangladesh Community Cup will be an online event. The Tournament will follow a double-elimination format.
Game: League of Legends (PC)
Server: Garena (SG)
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Team Size: 5 v 5
Roster Limit: Max 7 (5 + 2 Substitute)
Game Type: Tournament Draft
Players Allowed: Bangladeshi Only
Format: Double Elimination
All Matches – BO1
Lower Bracket Final and Grand Finale – BO3
Prize Pool: 10K BDT only
Champion: 7K BDT only
Runner Up: 3K BDT only
Though League of Legends is officially launched, Bangladesh does not have a server exclusively for itself. The server we play on is in Singapore. The game is licensed to Garena for this region.
League of Legends Bangladesh Community Cup 2022 is powered by Bangladesh Youth Development and Electronic Sports Association and the tournament currently has 24 team registrations, but the organizers intend to increase the slots.
Nafis Forkan, the Co-Councillor of League of Legends Bangladesh, said about the tournament, “The tournament is designed to augment the competitive engagement of our esports teams and attract new players to the game. We hope that our player base becomes better with experience, and we hope to keep a healthy and sustainable competitive scene. The tournament will also bring out new talents in casting and streaming. ”
He also said, “League of Legends Bangladesh Official is responsible for official esports opportunities for the League of Legends community in Bangladesh. We create an environment for players, teams, coaches, managers, casters, streamers, and other roles essential to esports to train, learn, and grow. In addition, we host tournaments and plan on making a Bangladesh League of Legends national team and sending them to international esports tournaments like the one at the Asian Games next year. We recently organized an international friendly between the champions of our most recent tournament and the Indian League of Legends National Team, Temple of Kings, who are set to compete in the Asian Games next year.”
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