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NOSHORE started its journey with the Arena of Valor lineup in April at first. Since then they have shown remarkable growth in terms of performance as a team, connection with the audience and most importantly contribution to the Bangladesh esports community. NOSHORE team continuously securing the Champion and Runners-up position in most of the Official and Unofficial tournaments and scrims since start. Recently, NOSHORE became the 1st Runners-up team in AOV Community Cup sponsored by Grameen Phone. Apart from that they were 1st Runners-up in AOV Champions League(ACL), 1st Runners-up in UND AoV Champions League S-1, Champion in BEA Pro Scrim Week-2 and so many.

About old logo:

Now, “BEYOND LIMITS” is the tagline of NOSHORE ESPORTS. So, they tried to bring that philosophy and uniqueness inside the logo as well. NOSHORE and BEYOND LIMITS both implies to their limitless thinking and endless possibilities in future, which directed them to a symbol of WAVE inspired from famous Japanese artist Hokusai.

New Logo

But, they always had an inner preference for minimalism and aesthetics. So Noshore Esports felt to rebrand their logo and start with a new beginning. While doing so, they kept their core philosophy in mind and thus their new logo is borne. Simple and slick, but with hidden message with lot of possibilities that we aim to achieve in the future.

By the way, in many cases NOSHORE goes by the abbreviation “NS”.


NS always values the development of the raw potentials. In accordance with that they have established their AoV team with some of the most promising players in Bangladesh. With them, Noshore Esports have firm belief to conquer their future endeavours. To facilitate their development, they have ensured coaching of global standard as well. They thanked Mr. Thien who has a big contribution behind their success in the GP Community Cup Tournament.

Present NS roster for AoV / HoK:

Jungler: Alif Chisty AKA NS•Ky.
Marksman: Lam Chsity AKA NS•Chisty
DS Laner: Omor Faruq Sakib AKA NS•Arbiter
Support: Shahed Jaman AKA NS•Wall
Mage: Shadman Sakib AKA NS•Dragneel

Get Together


Sakib Muhammad Anwar & Asifur Rahman had a long discussion from their campus life about the Esports future in Bangladesh specially in mobile gaming. But it was not feasible at that time since there was lack of proper infrastructure and no official presence of the gaming companies in Bangladesh. Also, investing time in gaming during student life was considered as a taboo. Fast forward to 2021, the things started to change in Bangladesh. BD Esports community was doing well in some international tournaments even though there were lot of complications. They have seen the rise of Esports industry in Bangladesh with consistent tournaments from gaming companies like Tencent, Montoon etc in recent times. The competition is increasing. Though there is lot to improve for the gaming companies in terms of community development and building a healthy and sustainable esports ecosystem, they thought this is the right time to do something in this industry with the incorporation of their entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise. Later on, they got lucky to onboard Azimul Kabir in the NOSHORE Management Panel, one of the most popular and veteran MOBA gamers in Bangladesh, who is the co-owner of NOSHORE as well.


Future Plan:

NOSHORE will keep continuing its effort for community development and transforming it to compete in a global standard.
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