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Juventus Partners up with Optic Gaming

Game On, Juve! OpTic Gaming and Juventus Forge Epic Partnership
Esports Titans Collide: Global powerhouses Juventus FC and OpTic Gaming have joined forces in a groundbreaking partnership! This alliance aims to demolish the barrier between traditional sports and esports, uniting passionate fanbases worldwide.

OpTic’s Legacy of Greatness: Renowned for their industry dominance and competitive prowess, OpTic Gaming boasts over 50 championships across major titles. Their 2022 Esports Organization of the Year award speaks volumes.

Synergy Through Collaboration: Brace yourselves for epic content drops! The partnership unleashes a barrage of social media collaborations, limited-edition co-branded merch, and player/influencer features. Get ready for live activations that will blow your mind, fusing the worlds of football and esports.

Credit: OpTic Gaming

OpTic Infiltrates Turin: Kicking things off in high gear, four OpTic legends are deployed to Juventus’ HQ in Turin. Gaming icon Seth “Scump” Abner, CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, veteran Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, and OpTic talent Davis “Hitch” Edwards are about to be Juve-fied! Expect exclusive access to the Allianz Stadium (including this Sunday’s Juve vs Fiorentina clash!), the Training Center, and the Creator Lab. Buckle up for the epic content they’ll create to celebrate this historic partnership.

Quotes from the Key Players:

Mike Armstrong, Juventus CMO: “Football and gaming are a natural fit. OpTic’s a winning team with legendary players and influencers. This partnership lets us innovate and bring something special to both our fanbases.”
Hector Rodriguez, OpTic Gaming CEO: “OpTic and Juve share a competitive spirit and a passion for building incredible communities. We’re here to unite fans, grow the Green Wall, elevate Juventus, and take OpTic global!”
This partnership is a game-changer, and we can’t wait to see the epic content and experiences it unleashes!

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