You are currently viewing Hexagon and Celestials are the finalists of VCT: 2024 Game Changers SA from Bangladesh

Hexagon and Celestials are the finalists of VCT: 2024 Game Changers SA from Bangladesh

Team Hexagon secured their position as the first finalist as a Bangladeshi team. Then Team Celestials secured their position as the second finalist from Bangladesh.

The VCT 2024: Game Changers South Asia Split 1 is an upcoming valiant tournament showcasing women gamers in South Asia. The open qualifier featured several teams competing for a spot in the main event. The four teams that emerged victorious are MLT Esports GC, Hexagon, Team Celestials, and 9to5 Workers.

The semifinals are on April 6, and the finals will take place on April 7, 2024. The tournament has a prize pool of $10,000 USD.

Team Hexagon is a newly formed team, and each member of the team brings a wealth of experience from their participation in national tournaments and their tenure with various other professional teams before coming together to form Hexagon.

Sharing the experience, Team Hexagon told The Esports Times, “As team Hexagon participates in the VCT game changers, Our preparations for the VCT finals are multi-faceted and thorough. Since we’re a newly formed team, building cohesion and synergy is a top priority. We’re dedicating significant time to practice sessions where we focus on refining our communication, teamwork dynamics, and understanding each other’s play styles. Our practice regimen also includes intensive individual skill development.
Each member of our team is committed to improving their mechanical skills, map knowledge, and game sense to ensure that we can perform at our best in high-pressure situations during the finals. Furthermore, we’re working closely with our coach to identify areas for improvement and fine-tune our overall game plan. Whether it’s refining our map strategies, optimising our agent selections, or adjusting our in-game communication protocols, we’re leaving no stone unturned in our quest for success in the finals. Overall, we are putting in the effort while respecting the unique strengths and challenges that come along with being a newly formed team.”

Line-up of Team Hexagon:

Noxiana (IGL/Captain) Tasnia Naina
Azelyn (Zarrin Saiyara)
Hina (Sidratil Nuran)
Kat (Kayanat Kaisar)
Sidiscrazy (Sabrina Islam)
Wolfminister (Jannatul Ferdous)
Luluvie (Manager) Luhaiza Mahmood
ZoloCrazy (Coach) Shihab Imtiaz

Credit: The Esports Times

The second finalist Team Celestials is a rising Bangladeshi female valiant team that has stood the test of time by snatching accolades left and right for years. The Celestials have the titles to prove that they are one of the most accomplished female valiant teams in Bangladesh. Comprising Uziboozie, Moxie, Milk, Aska, FChompa, and Felecia, Celestials was born of a shared dream by three friends wanting to compete in tournaments.

Team Celestials shared their experience with us and said, “Over time, we approached various promising talents in the scene, and thus the team became better and stronger with the newer additions to its roster. We are excited to go through this journey and see how it goes. The stakes of this event are thrilling, and we believe our team will fare well and pull through with strength. We are appreciative of getting this opportunity and look forward to participating.”

Line-up of Team Celestials:


Credsit: The Esports Times

The focus of this tournament is to highlight the excellence and skill of female gamers, breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes in the gaming community. Let’s show support for Team Celestials and Hexagon, who are representing Bangladesh in┬áthe┬átournament.

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