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Honor of Kings Closed Beta test will end on October 8

The beta test will end on October 8 and It will be removed from the Google Play store on October 7. Beta test servers in the countries will be shut down and all game data acquired during beta testing will be deleted .

After the game is officially released , The beta testers who completed the event missions will get Gao Jianli – Funky Dragon skin and Beta – exclusive avatar frame as rewards. HoK also stated that If you are still a ” Guest Player ” in the game that you are logging in , you need to sign up your account with a social media . We recommend you to do this before the Closed Beta ends .

Honor of Kings has been available in China since 2015 and also playable in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
Ahead of a full international release, a closed beta was launched in Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Turkey in August 2022.

An international version was also released, called Arena of Valor and that game was largely identical to Honor of Kings but for the champions present, which were changed after Riot Games claimed they infringed their intellectual property and AoV has now it’s own fan base too.

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