You are currently viewing Koryori Presents League of Legends Bangladesh Community Cup 2022!!!

Koryori Presents League of Legends Bangladesh Community Cup 2022!!!

One of the goals of ‘League of Legends Bangladesh’ for the community was to maintain consistent activity and they kept to that promise with the announcement of upcoming Tournament for League of Legends, The Bangladesh Community Cup 2022!

The Bangladesh Community Cup will be an online event. The Tournament will follow a double-elimination format.

Game: League of Legends (PC)
Server: Garena (SG)
Map: Summoner’s Rift
Team Size: 5 v 5
Roster Limit: Max 7 (5 + 2 Substitutes)
Game Type: Tournament Draft
Players Allowed: Bangladeshi Only
Format: Double Elimination
All Matches – BO1
Lower Bracket Final and Grand Finale – BO3
Prize Pool: 10K BDT
Champion: 7K BDT
Runner Up: 3K BDT

The teams have been battling it out and have whittled down to 12. That’s right the top 12 teams remain in the tournament and will continue to fight for the coveted title of community champs! The games will be streamed from today to keep an eye out for the League of Legends Bangladesh Official Facebook Page for the stream!

Here is the top 12 teams
1. ACE_Phoenix
2. Animusphere
3. Radiants
4. Fun with Friends
5. Clown 9FC
6. The Ashen Core
7. ACE_Wyvern
8. one time wonder
9. ACE_Helios
10. Chipagoli
11. Omega Squad
12. Funky & Friends

Radiants are the favourite to win and the reigning champs but ACE_Phoenix that were the runners-up in the Road to IESF tournament can pose a threat. Other powerhouses like ACE_Wyvern, Omega Squad and Fun with Friends will also be challenging matches for any team that faces them.
The title is sponsored by Koryori who will be giving the participants a 10% discount on their order until the 31st of December 2022! Koryori is a cloud kitchen that makes South Korean fried chicken and delivers all over Dhaka!

Event details

Discord Link: Discord
Instagram Link: Instagram
Facebook Link: Facebook
Facebook Community Group Link: Community Group

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