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Tundra Esports are your The International 11 CHAMPIONS!

Tundra Esports has won The International 11 Dota 2 tournament after beating Team Secret 3-0 in the final. The win grants the team the title of the best Dota 2 team in the world.

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Tundra Esports clean sweep Last Chance qualifiers winners Team Secret to claim an aegis of their own. With the incredible overwhelming performance of Israeli Neta “33” Shapira the team earns $8,489,476 as well as carve their names in the history of Dota2 forever.

Image credit: Dota 2
Image credit: Dota 2

Puppey loses his third TI Grand Finals as Team Secret gets swept by Tundra Esports with a series score of 3-0! After weeks of dominant Dota 2 gameplay, exceptional team synergy and out-maneuvering opponents, Tundra Esports has managed to get their hands on the Aegis of Champions after dispatching off Team Secret in an extremely dominant fashion.
They’ve bagged themselves more than 8 Million USD and proved to be the best Dota 2 team in the world. Aui_2000 is also the first person to win a TI as a player and as a coach. Congratulations!

1. Skiter
2. Nine
3. 33
4. Saksa
5. Sneyking
They were defeated in the qualifiers last TI10 by OG and unable to compete for last year aegis, but as they promised! They comeback stronger than before.

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The newly formed Team Secret had an insanely amazing run from The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifier all the way to the the Grand Finals of the tournament! Unfortunately, their run had to end with 2nd place but it was nothing short of spectacular!

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Congratulation to The International 11 Grand Champion -Tundra Esports. Winning the grand prize of P493,199,365 and Aegis. Also congratulations to Team Secret for 2nd Place. Tundra Esports are The International 2022 Champions!
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