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FIFA player lamim07

FIFA player lamim07 is no more

We are very sad to bring you the news of one of the FIFA Academy players of Alchemist Esports “Sayman Sayed Lamim” also known as “lamim07” has passed away.

After fighting cancer for more than 5 years, he passed away yesterday (October 23) at the capital’s PG Hospital. lamim07 was 22 years old at the time of his death.


Sayman Sayed Lamim was studying Computer Science and Engineering at American International University Bangladesh, a private university in Bangladesh. He had been suffering from cancer for five years but was diagnosed with lung cancer two months ago.
He was a FIFA player and joined Alchemist Esports in November, 2019. He also played Rainbow Six Siege, Pubg. Apart from this, he also used to play offline games.

Alchemist Esports founder Mohammad Shahnewaz (ZeroVoid) was saddened by his untimely death and said to us, “He was a very loving person. It is a very sad moment for us to lose him at this early stage of life.”

One of his friends said that in 2017, while playing real football on the field, Lamim’s leg was hurting in the middle of the match. When he stopped playing and consulted a doctor, he was diagnosed with bone cancer through a test. Since then, although his treatment was ongoing, he would occasionally fall ill. He was diagnosed with lung cancer two months ago.


Status on his birthday

Last September 24 was his birthday and on that day he wrote about his illness in his social media post,”Today was my 22nd birthday. It has been an achievement for me as I am struggling to cope up with a regular life for 5 years. But this struggling has become The Regular life for me. Everytime I say this is the last time, everything will be okay afterwards. There comes another spike of danger. I never lost any battle just because of the support I get from the closest persons. Whenever I went down they pulled me up. Maybe this is the battle Allah gave me to fight. Maybe this is the battle of my life like everyone has in theirs’. The tiny amount of independence I get after going through such mental and physical suffering is the success I cherish.

And now I have received the news today on my birthday that I have to go through another 4 cycles of chemotherapy.

Thank you everyone who wished me. I am asking you all to keep me in your prayer as a gift to my Birthday.”

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