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Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2022

Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2022 ended successfully

KUET Cyborg
Cyber Gaming Club of KUET, also known as KUET CYBORG, is one of the most prestigious clubs in KUET.
KUET CYBORG is basically a home for all KUETian gamers. CYBORG works as a platform to unite all the gamers from KUET under a single banner to play and grind together. The purpose of CYBORG is to host e-sports competitions within and outside KUET, depending on circumstances.

Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2022
This year in 2022, CYBORG organized a gaming competition with technological support from Star Tech & Engineering Ltd. The competition was named “Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2022”. The planning stage started about 3 weeks back. The Executive Members from Batch 17, 18, and 19 proposed to host the tournament at the Student Welfare Center, KUET. The tournament had two segments. One of the most popular racing games till this day is Need for Speed : Most Wanted (2005) and everyone’s favorite FIFA 22. The prize pool for the event was set at 12K BDT. The slots were limited to KUETians only. The registration process started 1 week before the event (on the 14th and 15th of October). After 1 week of registration, there were 64 participants at FIFA22 and 48 participants at NFS MW. On October 14th, at 4 PM, the contestants of FIFA22 and NFSMW arrived at the venue and started competing for the crown. SWC 202 was crowded to the fullest. Cyborg received 10 gaming laptops from Star Tech and 6 from their committee members. Of these 16 laptops, eight were placed for FIFA22 matches and eight for NFS matches. Both segments began as knockouts, and by the end of Day 1, only 16 FIFA22 players and 12 NFS MW players remained to compete on Day 2.Day 2 at 4 PM begins with the participants’ growing more focused and determined as they were so close to the title. As the battle wags on in both segments, the participants are narrowed down to the quarter finals and semi-finals.

Final Day Summary
The Grand Final of Need for Speed was held between 4 of the top surviving participants; Fuad ECE’19, Aashab MTE’18, Musnad ME’18, and Antu ECE’18. The map was set to NFS World Loop, A Sprint. Aashab came out as the champion, securing 1st place, Fuad in 2nd place, and Antu in 3rd place. The FIFA22 Grand Final was held between Tawsif MSE’16 and Rifat EEE’18. After a long battle between these two, the score was Tawsif 5-3 Rifat. Tawsif took the crown of becoming Champion of FIFA22 and Rifat was titled as Runner-Up. Taohid EEE’18 beat Shahriar ECE’16 and placed himself in 3rd in FIFA22. With that, KUET CYBORG brings an end to Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2022. The Prize Giving Award was held just after 20 minutes of the Grand Final. The Champions and Runners-Up were awarded their prizes and gift boxes. The 3rd place in both of the segments was awarded gift boxes.

Tawsif Ahmed, the champion of Fifa, told us about his experience, “Thanks to the Cyborg KUET who planned this tournament, which was very well organized.” It has always been a dream to win a tournament in the game I play. Fifa was never just a game for me. It was a hobby; it was an escape route from reality sometimes. Nothing was easy; it was always more than a game. an online platform where I grew and met amazing people. And this win? It will go down as one of the most important achievements of my life. Winning is always something humans cherish. Winning a tournament of something you love doing? perfecto! Kudos to FIFA.”

FIFA Champion

Rifat-E-Rasul, the runner up of Fifa, said to us about his experience, “Best wishes and big thanks to Cyborg for organizing such a gaming tournament professionally . The way they managed every segment is surely worth praising. Personally, I got a Fifa tournament after more than 2 years on my KUET campus . Consequently, I was very excited to participate in this, and TBH, I enjoyed the whole tournament a lot. This tournament helped me meet some great Fifa players with great gaming sense and wholesome skills . In short , it would be appreciated if we could get at least one Fifa tournament in each semester from Cyborg. I’m really looking forward to it.”

FIFA Runner up

NFS champion Aashab Tajwar Khan shared us his experience and said, “Cyborg
I signed up to compete in the Need for Speed (NFS) division. It is actually my first time ever entering a competition like this. I wasn’t really sure whether I’d participate, but a couple of friends convinced me to. On the first day, as soon as I entered the designated room in SWC, I could immediately tell how amazing this event would turn out to be. There were already some people practicing on some of the PCs there. I felt no confusion there, about where to report and who to talk to. Everything was in order. You could feel that the organizers really worked for this event.
Just before the first round began, I was nervous but could not contain my excitement. Then the race began, and so did the thrill of winning.
In the second round, the map on which I played felt very unfamiliar. It had been a long time since I last played NFS. I ended up picking the wrong car and lost the first position by a considerable margin. Though I lost the first position, I couldn’t shake off the thrill and was grinning like an idiot the whole time.
The quarter and semi-finals were kind of the same; lots of thrills. I somehow managed to make it to the finals.
Then came the final round. I felt the insane pressure the other players let off. They were amazing. The race began. The adrenaline rush was something else. The map was big, maybe the biggest sprint race of the game. I somehow managed to take the lead from the start. With extreme luck, I was able to keep the lead all throughout the race and secure the win.
The Cybertron Gaming Festival 2022 was a great treat. The amazing people of Cyborg really outdid themselves on this one. And hats off to the organizers.”

NFS Champion

The runner up MD. Mubtasim Fuad Chowdhury said to us about this event, “This was my very first tournament, and winning a prize was like a dream. I managed to secure a runner-up position, and the experience was unreal. A big shout out and praise to Cyborg. All of the organizers were extremely polite and helpful, and I thank them for organizing such an amazing gaming event on campus.I enjoyed this tournament very much and I hope Cyborg will comeback again with this kind of tournament. Lastly, I want to thank Startech for their technical support and helping Cyborg to arrange this amazing tournament.”

NFS Runner up

But wait, there’s more to come. The biggest nationwide gaming festival, Cybertron Gaming Fiesta 2023, is on the way.

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